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On Friday 7 May, the incomparable experience of our coffee came to life during an enchanting photo shoot in the monumental building ‘De Botervloot’. In this story we tell you everything about our Cento photo shoot.

De Botervloot

Restored to its former glory!

In order to achieve a feeling of sublime quality and luxury, a special and classic location has been chosen.

It is a national monument that is known as ‘The Botervloot’. The building has been used for years as an embassy of the Empire of Japan. The complex comprises 1,945 m2 and is located on a plot of more than 5,100 m2. The beautiful building has been completely restored to its former splendor and glory, with a modern contemporary twist. The garden of the villa complex has also been completely redesigned and refurbished with the original design in mind.This unique location is 100% in line with Cento%’s brand experience.

100% result

To be proud of!

During the Cento photo shoot, an ultimate experience of coffee was central. It was important here that all elements came together 100% perfectly. From the way our coffee looks to the incidence of light. A lot of time and attention has been paid to every detail.

Combined with the commitment and dedication of the team, this has resulted in a beautiful end result. Now available everywhere on our website and social media.

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