Our philosophy

Cento% originated from the idea that everything must be 100% perfect. Unprecedented quality without any compromise. Irresistible taste, socially responsible and good for the environment. Specially created for the conscious and passionate coffee drinker.

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Good for you

Cento is exclusively roasted with the highest quality 100% hand-picked Arabica coffee beans. Something you have to taste!

Good for the planet

Cento is organic and all CO2 emissions are fully compensated. All our packaging is aluminium free and 100% recyclable.

Good for others

Cento carries the Fairtrade quality mark for fair trade and works together with charities Made Blue and Cordaid.


Karamel | Caffè Cento% Cento Nero koffiebonen | Caffé Cento% Pure Chocolade | Caffè Cento%

Powerful & intense

An intense blend with a creamy aftertaste. Full chocolate and caramel shades make this blend irresistibly delicious!

Perfect for:

Cappuccino or lungo


Grapefruit | Caffè Cento Cento Nobile koffiebonen | Caffé Cento% Karamel | Caffè Cento%

Creamy & lively

A full body with a soft creamy mouthfeel. Caramel and a small fruity bitterness complete this refined taste.

Perfect for:

Espresso or cappuccino


Boterzacht | Cento Nobile | Caffè Cento% Cento Nobile koffiebonen | Caffé Cento% Chocolade | Caffè Cento

Soft & gentle

A soft, bittersweet temptation with a buttery finish. A nutty chocolate flavor with a hint of citrus makes this coffee a beloved favorite!

Perfect for:


Our taste makers

Experience 100%

The best products for the ultimate coffee experience.

Our taste makers

Experience 100%

The best products for the ultimate coffee experience.

Our products

Cane sugar sticks


Cento Nero%

Cento% Oro

Cento% Nobile

About us

100% Caffè Superiore!

Cento was developed in 2015 by the baristas of KoffiePartners based on 100% perfect coffee without compromises. What makes our coffee unique? Our coffee beans are a treat for the senses. That means sublime quality, refined to perfection. There is a sublime, sustainable Cento blend available for every taste. With flavors ranging from mild and fresh to strong and intense.

Cento% at the office

Experience the ultimate coffee experience!

Enjoy an ultimate coffee moment with your colleagues with Caffè Cento% Superiore. Our blends are developed for an amazing coffee experience at the office. We can provide you and your colleagues with delicious espresso beans, premium coffee machines and the best service. Would you like to know more about the possibilities of Cento at work? Or would you like more information about Caffè Cento%? Contact us directly. Our Cento% coffee experts are happy to advise you!

100% stories

Stories about Cento%

Cento coffee corner

Bring the 100% experience to life on your work floor

Enjoy a fantastic coffee experience with our new Cento% coffee corner. This piece of furniture has been specially designed for the workplace and offers a wonderful total solution for an attractive coffee corner.

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Cento photo shoot

In the monumental building 'De Botervloot'.

On Friday 7 May, the incomparable experience of our coffee came to life during an enchanting photo shoot in the monumental building 'De Botervloot'. In this story we tell you everything about our Cento photo shoot.

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