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Enjoy a fantastic coffee experience with our new Cento% coffee corner. This piece of furniture has been specially designed for the workplace and offers a wonderful total solution for an attractive coffee corner. In this article we would like to tell you more about this new addition to our range.

Cento koffiemeubel | Caffè Cento

Cento coffee corner

Refined to perfection!

All Cento% products are a treat for the senses. Also our new Cento coffee corner. Elements such as wood, marble & brass give the furniture a stylish character and are guaranteed to make your new Cento% coffee corner the eye-catcher in the office.

A lot of time and attention was paid to every detail during development. First of all, a modular layout was chosen, making the furniture suitable for every room. In addition, maintenance and user-friendliness have also been considered. That is why the furniture has a sleek finish and a practical layout, making it easy to keep clean. Think of a space for the technology of the coffee machine, for the storage of ingredients and of course for a waste bin. In addition, a special waste ring has been created on the worktop so that you do not have to open the cupboard to throw away waste. In short, the Cento% coffee corner provides both style and convenience.

WMF 1500 S+

The perfect coffee machine for you coffee corner!

The furniture is suitable for three different brands of coffee machines. Those are: WMF, Yunio & Etna. We recommend the WMF 1500 s+ for an optimal coffee experience. This luxury coffee machine has a very user-friendly operation and a compact size. Moreover, it is possible to put together 1500 S+ entirely according to your wishes with the wide range of options.

Do you want to place several machines on the furniture? No problem! In the design we took into account the desire to place several machines on the furniture. Curious about the possibilities for your company? Contact us directly. Our coffee experts are happy to tell you more about it.

Close up Cento% koffiemeubel

100% complete

Completely in style

Our Cento% furniture would not be 100% complete, without space for various accessories such as: sugar sticks, stirrers, cups and tea. The furniture has separate steel containers for sugar sticks and stirrers.

In addition, there is a special steel cup dispenser and you can store your tea in the drawer of the furniture.

interested in a Cento% coffee corner?

Are you interested in our Cento coffee corner or would you like to know more about the possibilities? Please contact us directly via the button below. Our coffee experts are happy to help you!