Cento% Roasting Revolution

Treat your senses!

In addition to tasteful coffee blends and accessories, Caffè Cento also offers an unique coffee experience in the form of a revolutionary coffee roaster called: 'The Cento% Roasting Revolution'.

The Cento% Roasting Revolution is a revolutionary compact coffee roaster for roasting small quantities of fresh coffee beans on location. Created for offering an exceptional coffee experience in the Catering & Retail industry.

Unique to the revolutionary coffee roaster from Caffè Cento% is the glass housing. This creates an unforgettable opportunity to experience the enchanting process of coffee roasting up close.

Stimulate the senses of visitors with dancing coffee beans, the sound of ‘the first crack’ and the delicious, aromatic smell of freshly roasted coffee beans.

Revolutionary technology

In addition to a unique appearance, the Cento% Roasting Revolution also features a revolutionary technique. The machine is twice as efficient compared to traditional coffee roasters by using hot air instead of gas. The burner is also equipped with an efficient drainage system, which ensures that the coffee husks that are released during the roasting process are separated from the coffee beans. As a result, the sublime quality of the coffee beans always remains optimal.

Tempting flavors

Seduce visitors with the delicious scent of freshly roasted Cento% Verde coffee beans. Cento% Verde is a blend of 100% green Arabica beans from our own plantations in Brazil. The Roasting Revolution features various roasting programs that allow visitors to select the tastiest Cento% blends. From Fresh Vanilla to Spicy Caramel. There is a suitable roasting method available for every taste that is guaranteed to leave you wanting more!

Friendly to use

The coffee roaster is easy and safe to operate via the digital display and has several pre-programmed settings for the desired roasting method. Only the green Cento% Verde coffee beans, a drain option and high-voltage current are required to use the roaster. This unique system combined with the ease of use makes the Cento% Roasting Revolution extremely suitable for the resale of coffee at various locations.

Ready for an exceptional coffee revolution?

Would you like more information about the Cento% Roasting Revolution or to make an direct application?

Please contact our Caffè Cento% experts via info@caffecento.nl or call 078 – 63 10 300.

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